vert.x, the new gradle build and Eclipse 4.2

Developing vert.x with Eclipse 4.2:

  1. Fork the vert.x repo at github (help) and clone it to your local machine (let’s say to /tmp/vert.x )
  2. change directory cd /tmp/vert.x und run ./mk eclipse
  3. Install Gradle 1.0 / Java SDK 7 / Eclipse 4.2 (Eclipse Classic)
  4. Optional Install Grovvy Eclipse Plugin
  5. Start Eclipse and import  every project (I can’t find a solution to import all at once.)
    1. Import…
    2. Existing Projects into Workspace
    3. Select root directory
      1. /tmp/vert.x
    4. Finish
    5. Import…
    6. Existing Projects into Workspace
      1. /tmp/vert.x/vertx-boot
    7. Finish
  6. Seclect Project vert.x
    1. Right click
    2. Team -> Share Project
    3. Git
    4. Next, Finish
  7. Project -> Clean -> Clean all Projects
  8. Happy Hacking

I read about gradle support in SpringSource STS but I did not tried it.

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