First week in NYC

Okay, I,m already staying for one week in New York City. And I want to write a few sentences about my impressions. First of all, it is saver as I know it from the movies.  I run every morning and everybody says “Hi” or “How are you?”. I like that. I go every working day to school to improve my English. The teacher there is just amazing. We have so much fun with this guy. He was traveling a lot and he lived in Prag for 7 years. Btw the name of the school is New York Language Center and I can recommend it.

My favorite place is the subway. The reason is: It is cold and I can read a lot. It is not so warm here in New York but the humility is quite high compared to Zurich.

Last Tuesday I joint  Brooklyn Code. There was a great table with a lot of laptops on top of it and the coders sitting in front of it. It was a nice experience to see and here how there are working in Brooklyn – very kind
A evening later I listened to a presentation of Jason van Zyl in one of this big hotels here in New York. He introduced the new product of sonatype called “Insight”. A lot of people know Jason because he is the inventor of Apache Maven and btw he is a good speaker too.people and good talks.  I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to come to the meeting.

On Wednesday evening I was at the Rooftop BBQ Summer Tech Mixer at one of the New York City’s best roof top bars, as they describe this place beside the Williamsburg Bridge. A lot of entrepreneurs, software engineers, foreigners ( I was not alone ) and  students eating, drinking and talking together. The funny

thing about this bar is: It’s on the second floor.

I visited the Time Square of course and walked along the 5, 6 and 7 Avenue. On last Saturday I was in the Central Park. There are so many things to look to. I was sitting on a bench for more then two hours only watching Beach-Volleyball. These guys are very good in this.

The Friday before I was in the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). A very friendly woman invited me to come with her into the museum, so I saved the 25 Dollars.  Yesterday I visited the Met (Metropolian Museum of Art). They have very nice pictures from the 20. Century. I was very impressed. And I found one of my favorite pictures “Two Men Contemplating the Moon” from Caspar David Friedrich too. I didn’t know about the existence of three versions of this picture.

I was in the American Museum of Natural History too. (Uhhh… I did a lot in the last week.) I like the exhibition about the dinosaurs. There are nice exhibits in full size.

So, I have to finish now. It is more a list of what I did as a description of my impressions. But I’m writing this story  in English and I’m still slow with typing.

Bye for the moment!

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